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Human Resource Policies

For a complete listing of Emory's Human Resource Policies, check their website.

Breaks and Rest Period

In the interest of employee health and work efficiency, rest periods may be provided for purposes of rest, relaxation, refreshment, and attention to personal needs. With supervisory approval, you may take a 10-to-15-minute break during each 4-hour work period, provided that adequate staffing and services are maintained. Rest periods are considered to be working time, and you will be paid for each rest period.

  • To assure that rest periods accomplish the intended purposes, that may not:
  • be accumulated from day to day added together to create a prolonged break.
  • be foregone to make up for lost time during and absence or tardiness.
  • be used at the beginning or end of the work schedule or added to the scheduled meal period.

Grooming and Dress Code

You are expected to be neat, clean, orderly and dress for work according to generally accepted business standards (appropriate for your department) or in uniform, if required for your position. You are requested not to select clothing for work which is more appropriate for leisure, sports activities, or social functions than for the university environment. Where safety is a factor, common sense should be used when choosing clothing, shoes, etc., for work. Jewelry, clothes and/or uniforms, and hair colors and styles should be appropriate for the university. Department directors may require a particular, reasonable dress code for their employees, depending on the needs of the department for appropriate public image and safety.

Required Evaluations and Training

Supervisors are encouraged to give employees a six-month review from their date-of-hire. You should receive a performance review annually from your date-of-hire. Emory's performance management process is an opportunity for you and your supervisor to mutually identify, discuss, and document accomplishments and job performance. In addition, the review process helps you establish goals for future performance and understand the expectations set by your supervisor.

Standards of Conduct

All employees, as members of the university community, are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions, conduct themselves in a positive and ethical manner, and maintain satisfactory job performance. Appropriate measures, including immediate dismissal, may be rendered for:

  • failure to follow established standard for requesting or reporting absences
  • inappropriate handling or disclosure of confidential information or records
  • inappropriate, disruptive, discourteous or irregular behavior adversely affecting students, employees, patients or visitors.
  • solicitation/distribution of materials
  • acts of physical misbehavior or acts of violence, including provoking or participating in fighting or making threats
  • performance of duties in an irresponsible, unsafe manner or behavior not conducive to a safe and healthful work environment, which includes not adhering to the no-smoking policy
  • noncompliance with Emory's commitment to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action
  • commission of acts of discrimination or harassment
  • plea of nolo contendere or conviction for an illegal act, committed on or off the job, which adversely impacts job performance, attendance or the reputation of Emory
  • unauthorized access, inappropriate use, or abuse of Emory's equipment or property, such as, but not limited to, copiers, computers, computer software, internet access, e-mails, fax machines and telephones
  • sleeping on the job
  • neglect of duty or failure or refusal to perform job-related duties and assignments
  • failure to follow Emory's policies or procedures
  • gambling or playing games during work hours
  • violation of safety or security regulations
  • behavior harmful to the reputation and mission of Emory University
  • refusal to cooperate with an Emory investigation
  • tape recording without authorization
  • failure to obtain or maintain, within a designated time, licensure or certification credentials necessary for continuation in the job
  • unlawful manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, or use of any controlled substance, illegal drugs, or alcohol
  • misuse, defacement or destruction of Emory, student, employee, patient, or visitor property
  • falsification of forms, time and attendance records, or other official records or documents, including employment, promotion, or transfer documents
  • unauthorized possession, removal, destruction, or use of property belonging to Emory or a student, employee, patient, or visitor
  • possession of firearms, weapons, explosives, or dangerous materials on Emory property unless authorized
  • misappropriation of departmental or organizational funds