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6.2.2020 -

DAR 2020-04: COVID-19 and Revised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidance
Date: June 2, 2020
From: Michael J. Huerkamp, DVM, DACLAM
Director, Division of Animal Resources

Gaining access to the DAR facilities:in brief

  1. 1. Complete tasks assigned by your school to gain authorization to return to campus.
  2. 2. For persons that previously or currently had or have DAR access, complete DAR-specific COVID training.*
    1. 1. Log in to PeopleSoft and click the “Emory Learning Management” tile.
    2. 2. Log in to the Emory Learning Management System (ELMS).
    3. 3. Click the “Find Learning” tile.
    4. 4. Enter 265600 in the search bar.
    5. 5. Click enroll on a course on the desired date/time. For more details on time, click the course code or the start date.
    6. 6. The class enrollment will close at 5 p.m. the day before the class. You will be emailed the zoom information prior to the course.
  3. 3. An attestation of compliance will be required at the end of training.
  4. 4. DAR security will automatically receive the attestation. Provided that authorization from your school has been received, your access will be initiated.
  5. 5. DAR will contact LITS for activating your use of DAR calendars (see below).

Gaining access to the DAR facilities: more information

  1. 1. Complete the tasks assigned from your school or unit to obtain authorization to return to work on Emory’s campus. Completion of these tasks will result in an email from HR with the subject: “Cleared to Work on Emory Campus”. A copy of this email will also be sent to your supervisor.
  2. 2. For the beginning of Phase 2, only personnel previously trained and credentialed by the DAR will be afforded access to the animal facilities.*
  3. 3. DAR-specific training will be required to learn the new processes and procedures that have been implemented. See abovefor instructions on registering. This training will initially be done via Zoom and will assist with details on room scheduling, management of PPE and sanitation.
  4. 4. Zoom Q&A sessions will also be provided.
  5. 5. For those currently with access, training must be completed one week after the official ramp-up date.
  6. 6. For those currently without access, training must be completed prior to securing access.
  7. 7. Personnel must provide assurance they will comply with all University, SOM and DAR policies.
  8. 8. Notification of training completion will automatically upload to the DAR security team. Provided authorization from your school has been received, access to the facilities will be granted and your name will be forwarded to LITS to be added to the Office 365 scheduling system.
  9. 9. Schedule your work in Office 365.
  10. 10. Labs are encouraged to
    1. 1. Be realistic: initial capacity will not be 100%.
    2. 2. Be flexible: take advantage of off-peak times such as evenings and weekends.
    3. 3. Be efficient: streamline work to minimize entrances to animal facility.
    4. 4. Keep resilience strategies in mind to minimize potential setbacks in the event of revisions to the calendar or processes.

Scheduling work

  1. 1. To minimize personnel traffic in the animal facility, schedule work in advance in the DAR Calendar in Office 365. A description of the process to schedule a room is on the DAR website and will also be provided at the time of training.
  2. 2. Rooms with 1-person maximum capacity will require both Animal Care and researchers to schedule their time.
  3. 3. For rooms with 2-person maximum capacity, the scheduling system will be reserved for research staff. Animal Care should be able to accomplish most of their work using mobile stations and allow researchers to use the biosafety cabinet. This may require animal care and research staff working simultaneously inside the same room.
  4. 4. Time limits will not be imposed unless they become necessary. Everyone is expected to book the minimum time needed and to be respectful of other user’s needs.
  5. 5. If rooms have a previously established mechanism for scheduling, that will remain in place.
  6. 6. Scheduling support from DAR is based on DAR staff capacity and can be done using established workflows.

*During the initial weeks of Phase 2, DAR will not train new users. The date at which this will begin will be determined at a later time.

For questions or provide feedback, please contact DAR Training at:

Download the PDF

Updated: 6.2.2020 @ 11:15 AM ET