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Frequently Asked Questions

Access to Facilities and Occupational Health

  • What do I have to do to get an access card to the animal facility?
  • Complete a "Security Card Access Reques" (which the Principal Investigator must sign) and bring to the orientation for animal users. Form available at here.
  • When is the orientation for animal users held?
  • Every Tuesday at 1:00PM with the exception of University holidays and inclement weather.
  • Do I need to schedule myself for the orientation of personnel caring for or using laboratory research animals?
  • Scheduling is not required. Just show up, but we do require that you be on time.
  • Who do I speak with about a problem with my access card?
  • Security Support can be reached at 404.727.8991.
  • How do I schedule a BSL-2 orientation?
  • BSL-2 orientations are held at 1:00PM on Tuesdays prior to the Orientation for Animal Users. The BSL-2 orientation MUST BE SCHEDULED. Please call Security Support at 404.727.8991.
  • My child wants to see the animals. Can I bring him/her in?
  • No. Children (less than 16 years of age) are prohibited from entering the facilities at all times.
    For reasons of security, public health and animal health, anyone (greater than the age of 16 years) wishing to visit the animal facilities must request authorization and escort from the Division of Animal Resources office. If permission is granted, all visitors must be accompanied by their faculty sponsor or a member of the Animal Resources staff. Staff access to animal facilities is limited to those persons whose assigned duties require that they enter the facilities.

Animal Related Questions

  • How do I report a sick animal during working hours?
  • Call DAR Customer Service at 404.727.3248 from 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday-Friday, (except holidays). If you do not receive an answer, or you receive a busy signal, please press "0" to reach another Secretary. DO NOT leave an animal emergency as a voice mail message.
  • How do I report a sick animal during non working hours?
  • During non-working hours, please call the Emory Police Station at 404.727.8005 or 404.727.6115 to report an animal with a life-threatening emergency.
  • How do I arrange for a transport of my animals to another building?
  • Permission to transport from facility to facility must be given by the Veterinary Services Unit. Call Customer Service at 404.727.8395, 404.727.3210, or 404.727.6127 to request the form for transport and fax the request to 404.727.3212.
  • Can I transport my animals myself?
  • No, unless specific permission is granted by Michael Huerkamp, DVM, Chief of Veterinary Services. 404.727.3248.

Animal Acquisition and/or Shipment Related Questions

  • How do I order animals?
  • You must have a current Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approved protocol number. Forms requesting animals may be faxed to 404.727.8762 or hand-delivered to our office at WBRB-G02-2. Please complete all fields. Incomplete information will result in a delay in placing the order. Orders are due to the DAR office by 5:00PM on Thursday to avoid a late penalty, for most vendors. See animal ordering form for specifics. Your designated order coordinator can be located on the here.
  • Who can I talk to about a problem with my animal order?
  • Please call your designated Animal Order Coordinator
    Customer Service at 404.727.3210 or 404.727.6127.
  • What procedure do I follow to have animals from another institution shipped to Emory?
  • Please contact Quarantine Services at with questions.

    All shipments arriving from unapproved vendors or other institutions must have DAR approval first. Please contact Quarantine Services at
  • What procedure do I follow to have animals shipped from Emory to another institution?
  • Call the Lab Office at 404.712.9902. Complete the form that will be faxed to you and return fax to 404.727.3253. Veterinary Services will be in contact with the other institution to provide them with a written health report informing them of health status of the animals to be shipped, and to obtain their approval. Veterinary Services will notify you of shipment status. The Lab Office, 404.712.9902, will arrange for transportation of the animals. NO ANIMALS may be shipped directly by the Investigator. The Principal Investigator or Department requesting that the animals be shipped is responsible for payment of the charges. Or another account will be provided by the P.I.
  • What is the status of my request to ship/receive animals?
  • Contact the Lab Office at 404.712.9902
  • How do I transfer animals from one protocol to another?
  • Complete an "Animals Transferred from Protocol to Protocol" form.
  • How do I transfer animals from my protocol to another Principal Investigator and why is this important?
  • Complete an "Animals Transferred from Protocol to Protocol" form. Animals must be reported on the protocol which reflects the research being performed.
  • Where can I obtain a list of approved animal vendors?
  • Call the Animal Resources office at 404.727.7423.
  • With whom do I speak for specific information on vendors for certain strains of animals?
  • Please call your designated Animal Order Coordinator
    Customer Service at 404.727.3210, 404.727.6127 or 404.727.8395.
  • What animals need to be reported and how do I report weanling information?
  • All animals acquired or weaned at Emory need to be reported to the Division of Animal Resources in order to comply with federal guidelines and our accreditation. (Excluding those animals reported through the Emory National Primate Research Center Primate Research Center). Complete an "Animal Order Form –Weaning Information" form. If the Division of Animal Resources is managing your breeding colony, then the weaning reports will be provided through the animal care unit and not by the laboratory. In all other cases, the Principal Investigator is responsible for providing this information.
  • How do I obtain cage cards?
  • Cage cards are created by the Division of Animal Resources with an animal order request or a weaning report. All cards should have a unique identification number located next to the barcode. Photocopied cards are not acceptable. Small identification labels for breeding and weaning cards may be requested instead of 3 x 5 cage cards. If the original cage card has been damaged, a replacement card can be printed using the original Requisition number of the order or the original unique cage card identification number. We request a 24 hour turnaround time to produce these cards.

Protocol and Grant Submission Related Questions

  • What is the procedure to get a veterinary consult?
  • Fax your completed IACUC application to 404.727.3212 with a cover sheet requesting a veterinary consultation.
  • How long does it take to obtain a veterinary consult?
  • Allow 1 week
  • How do I estimate animal related costs for my grant submission?
  • Call or email your request to the Division Administrator at 404.727.3001. Fax a completed form.

Animal Care and Husbandry Related Questions

  • With whom do I speak regarding a problem in my animal room?
  • First speak with the Supervisor/Manager of the Animal Facility
    WMRB Manager 404.727.1872
    Rollins/Dental/Peavine/Crawford Long/Wesley Woods Assistant Operations Manager 404.727.0966
    Clinic B/Pediatrics Supervisor 404.727.3657
    Whitehead Assistant Operations Manager
    If you feel you have unresolved problems regarding an animal room and have gone through the supervisor, please contact Operations Manager at 404.727.2955 or Associate Operations Manager at 404.727.9731.

Environmental Related Questions

  • Who do I report a problem with lights in light cycle room?
  • Report it to your Facility Supervisor/Manager during working hours.
  • What if my animal room feels too hot or too cold?
  • Report it to your Facility Supervisor/Manager during working hours. After hours, if the room feels extremely hot or cold, please report it to Facilities Management Division at 404.727.7463

Purchasing Animal-Related Supplies

  • How do I order a special diet?
  • The Operations Manager, 404.727.2955, will assist you in setting up the feeding of special diets and direct you to vendors that can supply the diets.

Billing and Rate Questions

  • With whom do I speak regarding billing questions?
  • Please contact the Business Manager, 404.727.8395 or the Division Administrator, 404.727.3001. If you have billing questions, please have the bill in hand when you call.
  • Can I receive a summary of all billings on a specific account for a several month time period?
  • Definitely. It is usually a very simple report and will be available within a few minutes.
  • What are the billing deadlines for each month?
  • Census sheets run through the last day of each month in the facility. (for example: Dec 31st). The census and technical service requests are turned in by the 5th of the following month (Jan. 5th). Transactions from the previous month are keyed into our database and the billing is run by the last day ofthe new month. (Jan. 31st). Uploads are made to the Controller’s office for the monthly closing date. (Feb 2nd). Summary: December 1-31, 2000 transactions will be uploaded and available for viewing on the data warehouse after Feb. 2, 2001. These charges should appear on the January Ledger which you receive around Feb. 10th.
  • When do I receive my hard-copy bill?
  • Bills are mailed within 5 working days of upload.
  • How do charges from Animal Vendors work?
  • The Animal Resources office requires the appropriate account number at the time of ordering animals. A signature is required on the animal order authorizing the use of the IACUC protocol number and the FAS account number. Vendors generally charge for animals that arrive in December in the month of January. The DAR signs off on these invoices and forwards them to Accounts Payable. After the orders are 'closed' each month by running the billing, the Invoice information is reconciled in a database with the animal order in order to provide summary documentation to you. Therefore, animal vendor charges are generally available approximately 10-14 days after the close of the billing month. (December order information will be summarized and mailed around Feb. 21st).
  • What do I do to change an account number?
  • Fax "Account Number Change" form to 404.727.3212. You may also call the Business Manager at 404.727.8395.
  • Who do I speak with to get information on histology charges?
  • Published fees for services provided on a regular basis are available on our fee schedule. If the service fee is not provided on the web fee schedule, please call 404.727.3009 to discuss the service. A quote will be provided to you within 48 hours by the Division Administrator at 404.727.3001.
  • Where can I find per diem rates for my animals?
  • Check the fee schedule. Call the Division Administrator at 404.727.3001 for a faxed copy.