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Information Useful in Grant Preparation

Grant Preparation

The information provided below may be useful in the preparation of grants to the NIH (e.g., Point 3 of the Vertebrate Animals Section and other funding sources when describing Emory's programs of animal husbandry and veterinary medical care:

Emory University is committed to provide a quality program of animal care. The University is in compliance with state and federal Animal Welfare Acts, the standards and policies of the Public Health Service, including documents entitled "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals" - National Academy Press, 2011, "Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals" - September 1986, and Public Law 89-544 with subsequent amendments. A faculty animal care and use committee composed of at least five members, including a veterinarian, a scientist, a non-scientist and an unaffiliated member maintains oversight of the animal care facilities and procedures. Emory University is registered with the United States Department of Agriculture (57-R-003) and has filed an Assurance of Compliance statement with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare of the National Institutes of Health (A3180-01). Emory University has been fully accredited by the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International continuously since 1992 (Unit 000781).  The Georgia Fee-Exempt Wild Animal Permit Customer Number for animals maintained by the Division of Animal Resources is 22257.

Emory University has centralized administration and management of its animal resources through the Division of Animal Resources, which provides programs, facilities, personnel and equipment for animal care. The animal husbandry program includes the provision of proper housing, sanitation, and nourishment. Health care is administered by Michael Huerkamp, D.V.M., (Diplomate, ACLAM), Deborah Mook, D.V.M. (Diplomate, ACLAM), Douglas Taylor, D.V.M. (Diplomate, ACLAM), Vanessa Lee D.V.M (Diplomate, ACLAM), and Karen Strait, D.V.M. (Diplomate, ACLAM) each fulltime and with extensive experience in laboratory animal medicine. Veterinary medical care consists of quarantine and isolation, preventive medicine programs, anesthesiology and surgical support, daily observation, treatment or intervention for injury and illness, humane euthanasia, and diagnostic laboratory services. Animals are observed and provided care and veterinary services are available during normal working hours and on weekends and holidays. Emergency care is available during all non-business hours.

Extended entities desiring to review USDA inspection reports or to confirm AAALAC International accreditation and/or OLAW (PHS) Assurance can do so via the following procedures:

AAALAC Accreditation:

  • Browse to:,
  • Select "Directory of AAALAC Accredited Organizations",
  • Enter "Emory University" in the box titled: "Accredited Unit Name".

OLAW Assurance:

  • Browse to:
  • Under the "OLAW Fast Facts" heading select "domestic" at the "List of Assured Institutions" bullet.
  • Select the state of "Georgia" from the list of U.S. states and territories.

USDA Inspection Reports:

Prepared by Dr. Michael J. Huerkamp
Revised: February 28, 2012