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Surgical Resources

Facilities for Major Surgery Maintained by the DAR

  1. Surgical Suites

    DAR manages a surgical suite at the Rollins Center (G53C, G53D). These resources may be used for major or minor procedures, survival or nonsurvival surgical procedures, and surgical dissections of cadavers. Two to four survival procedures and up to six nonsurvival procedures can be done in the surgical suites in the Rollins Center. In addition, DAR assists in support of imaging procedures in the WMRB (B013).


  2. Reservations

    Scheduling of the surgical resources is done during normal business hours and on a first come, first serve basis by the DAR Veterinary Technical Office, 404.727.3685. Scheduling of imaging facility use should be done through nuclear medicine.

  3. Site Visits

    We recommend that new users schedule tours of the facilities and review the instruments and supplies, such as suture, that are normally stocked.

  4. Equipment and Services Provided by the DAR

    Common Materials

    • Common general laparotomy and thoracotomy surgical instruments
    • Gas anesthesia (isoflurane)
    • Controlled ventilation for single animals up to 100 kg and multiple animals weighing less than 50 kg
    • Electrocautery
    • Suction
    • Continuous rate infusion
    • Monitoring Devices: pulse oximetry, capnograph, ECG, blood gas analysis, body temperature, direct and indirect blood pressure
    • Radiography (Rollins Center only)
    • Steam autoclave
    • Consumable supplies: gowns, drapes, gloves, blades, fluids, and bandaging materials

      Special Equipment and Materials

      • With sufficient notice, special arrangements can be made for:
        • Single lung intubation
        • Nitrogen for orthopedic drills
        • Mayo stand covers
        • Surgical staplers

  5. Technical Services

    The veterinary staff can provide pre- and postoperative care, anesthesia and intraoperative technical services, and other services such as euthanasia, injections, phlebotomy, medication administration, sedation, bandaging and other care. Arrangements for services can be made at the time of scheduling 404.727.3685.

  6. Equipment That Is Not Provided

    Investigators must make their own arrangements for C arms and compatible tables, stereotactic devices and specialized surgical instruments such as those required for vascular, orthopedic, endosurgical, or neurosurgical procedures. Special arrangments must be made with the Anatomy Department for human cadaver procurement.

  7. Damage Policy

    Outside of the bounds of normal wear, users are responsible to keep equipment in good working order. Of particular concern is the use of electrocautery units which are subject to excessive usage. The bovies should not be activated for more than seven seconds at a time.